Focus = Results

It’s that time of the year that we start setting our personal, business, and health goals. This is all good and dandy, except, along the way, we tend to falter- especially on our health goals. I’m as good as anyone in letting some health goals [...]

Brain Fog? Poor Memory?

Dr Margaret Turner's speciality and passion is Neuropsychology, which looks at how our behaviour and the way we think are influenced by our brain. Margaret finds the relationship between brain function and behaviour fascinating and believes there is much that can be done to help [...]

Baggage Busting

Whether you’re implementing dietary change, increasing your activity levels, or modifying your lifestyle, your actions are transforming your wellbeing from feeling: Now that you’ve taken that step, it is possible that you may need some emotional support to get you through the transformational journey. [...]

Step into Change

During March-April, the Australian Psychological Society ran a public campaign - ‘Believe in Change’ - to promote  psychologists and their work.  Maybe you heard it on the radio, the television, in cinemas, or on social media.  There were several goals to the campaign; one of [...]

The Science of Habits

Those of you who have been keeping up to date with my Balanced Wellbeing Centre FB page will know that I completed Tony Robbins’ 4 day ‘Unleash the Power Within’ program last weekend.  What a buzz. Facebook Page I first read his books ‘Unlimited [...]

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