I have to say, the last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind. Christmas and New Year have come and gone faster than I ever remember. In fact, 2019 just spent past. So it’s hard to believe we are in 2020.

I have reflected much in recent days; it’s that time of year I guess. We were fortunate enough to have family visit from Canada. They experienced the best and yet the worst of Melbourne weather. The best and yet the worst of how harsh our summers are becoming.

Although I usually write about goal setting early in the year, given the fires, I think it’s pertinent to also reflect on where we’re at and what we can do with what we have.

The fires remind me of the Black Saturday disaster on the 7th February 2009. My family lost friends and a well cherished country holiday home in Dixons Creek that my father lovingly and painstakingly built 38 years prior. It was our little Italy in Australia.

I can’t help but think about all those families going through the current fires that have lost homes and loved ones. All the wildlife that have perished – Half a million apparently and still counting. And the devastation that’s been caused to our environment.

It’s a tragedy in itself that it takes such a disaster for us to take stock to think about what’s really important in our lives. I, like many others, have been grateful for the time spent with family and friends over the last month or so. Despite that I’m an advocate of planning for the future, the older I’m getting, the more I’m choosing to think about the present.

So, for 2020, how about we remind ourselves every day about where we’re at. Let’s get back to “BEING” not just “DOING”. Let’s set realistic resolutions that are more about forming connections with family and friends, spending time with our children and grandchildren, contributing to causes that inspire us, and growing in ways that create meaning and fulfilment in our lives.

Instead of focusing on ‘exercising more’, let’s inspire ourselves to ‘be more active’. Instead of ‘losing weight’, let’s focus on engaging in ‘health-promoting behaviours’. Instead of telling ourselves that we are going to ‘slow down’ cause we’re too busy, let’s pay our attention to ‘living life purposefully’.

I would love to hear from you all on our Facebook page what realistic resolutions you are going to focus on in 2020. Resolutions that center you, that feel meaningful, that put a smile on your face. It’s all in the words and how we phrase change that leaves us inspired, motivated, and encouraged. If you’re having trouble with finding insightful words for your resolutions, write it on the FB page and I will help you reframe it.

How Can You Be Supportive?

In terms of the fires, maybe there’s a way we can be supportive. These are some helpful ways that I’ve heard about. If you hear of other ways, please share on our FB page.

  • Giving to the Firies for the incredible work they are doing
  • Contributing to the many causes raising funds for the affected families
  • Help raise funds for the Australian Wildlife Conservancy – https:// www.australianwildlife.org – that protects endangered wildlife and ecosystems
  • Contribute to other environmental causes that support ethical and valuable outcomes
  • Volunteer directly by donating time, expertise, or skills
  • Contacting support services such as the Red Cross, Salvation Army, and St. Vincent’s de Paul to see what is needed the most
  • I heard on The Project last night about two ways to bring money directly to businesses in the area through “It’s My Shout” and “Spend With Them”.
  • It’s been suggested that once the fires have subsided and it’s safe again in the coming months, bringing tourism back in the areas is another helpful way