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Realistic Resolutions


I have to say, the last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind. Christmas and New Year have come and gone faster than I ever remember. In fact, 2019 just spent past. So it's hard to believe we are in 2020. I have reflected much in recent days; it’s that time of year I guess. We were fortunate enough to have family visit from Canada. They experienced the [...]

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Tips on Journalising


Many of you know that I’m an advocate for journalising. In fact, I was personally journalising as young as 15 years old, long before I knew the extraordinary benefits it affords the brain. With every new client, from day dot, I recommend that they keep a journal of their thoughts.  So many say to me “But I don’t know what to write or where to start!” I say, [...]

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Eating Our Way to Good Health


Those of you who have been on my FaceBook page will have noticed that I posted an interesting TED talk by Dr William Li, a physician scientist. Click here to view the Video He has an interesting spin to preventing and treating disease; eating rather than eliminating.  In the YouTube clip, he talks about the science behind which foods, when included in a diet, have the power [...]

Eating Our Way to Good Health2020-02-28T13:04:10+11:00

Energy + Vitality + Positivity = Thriving


As regular clients of the Balanced Wellbeing Centre newsletters, you may be familiar with our catchphrase Inspire Your Vitality.  Its intention is to encourage us to create more energy and positivity in our lives, especially since our busy lifestyles can leave us both physically and mentally depleted.  When we feel energised, vital, and positive, we cope better with life challenges, our health improves, we feel happier, and we [...]

Energy + Vitality + Positivity = Thriving2020-01-31T14:49:50+11:00

What the Heck Should I Eat?


As a Health Psychologist, I’m always interested in what the research is saying about what’s best for mind and body wellness.  Some of you know that I read widely and will often apply the principles I learn in therapy pending on clients’ presentation.  With the rise in mental health problems, gut issues, autoimmune diseases, obesity, Alzeimer’s, dementia, cancer, diabetes, heart problems, osteoporosis, dental disorders, and other chronic conditions, [...]

What the Heck Should I Eat?2020-01-31T14:31:13+11:00

Baggage Busting


Whether you’re implementing dietary change, increasing your activity levels, or modifying your lifestyle, your actions are transforming your wellbeing from feeling: Now that you’ve taken that step, it is possible that you may need some emotional support to get you through the transformational journey. The road to wellness change can sometimes leave you feeling powerless.  Your body and your mind are so used to operating in a [...]

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