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Immune Building Activities


With all the information about COVID-19 the last 18 months, my family members and I have been keeping our immune systems as strong as we can.  This is something we do every year of course, but we’ve been more vigilant about it.  Despite this, I still caught a cold in May that lasted weeks - it was not COVID-19, I got tested!! I rarely catch anything, and never does [...]

Immune Building Activities2021-12-14T18:11:42+11:00



I haven’t written a newsletter about our COVID situation for some time as I’ve been wondering what optimistic words I could write to give us all some inspiration.  We have been in lockdown six with it’s various restrictions for several weeks now and I know how hard this has been for people. Admittedly, it’s been hard for me too particularly because I so miss the freedom to see [...]


The Benefits of Sunshine


Hey all.  How wonderful was it when we were easing out of lockdown number 5.0.  How unfortunate that we find ourselves in lockdown 6! I know the uncertainty of lockdown can take a toll on our mental health, and the cold Melbourne weather certainly makes it all the more miserable. But, luckily, given what’s been going on in the other states with COVID in recent months, I’m kinda [...]

The Benefits of Sunshine2021-09-07T09:18:43+10:00

Whiling Away Time in Nature’s Greenery


So, here we are again in that oh too familiar lockdown.  By the time you are reading this, we will be coming out of it.  I have to admit, the last 12-15 months have tested us in so many ways, and yet, been inspirational in others. For some, being compelled to stay home for stretches at a time, has meant that much could be done domestically.  I’ve enjoyed [...]

Whiling Away Time in Nature’s Greenery2021-09-07T09:13:22+10:00

Pottering Here, Meandering There: Taking Time Back


Well, I must say, Easter is upon us.  Hasn’t this year just flown, flown, flown.  For me it has.  This year started with a bang and seems to be running away from 2020 as fast as it can.  Whereas, last year couldn’t end quick enough and yet it dragged on and on and on; for us Victorian’s at least. I know of course that time is relative to [...]

Pottering Here, Meandering There: Taking Time Back2021-09-07T09:04:12+10:00

Reaching Goals and Setting Intentions


How quickly the festivities have come and gone. I hope you have all enjoyed some freedom over the last couple of months. And for those who have children still at home, how nice is it to be able to entertain them at various locations outside the house and not just the park!! My husband and I got wrapped up in that NSW debacle over the new year. We [...]

Reaching Goals and Setting Intentions2021-09-07T08:55:08+10:00
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