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Celebrating the 2020 Growth-Spective


Well, what a year it’s been!! I for one feel exhausted thinking about the COVID-19 roller coaster we have been on. The year started with the horrendous bushfires and, as they subsided, we were following the rest of the world into lockdown. In Victoria, we remained in lockdown except for a very small window of freedom around July. Gratefully we are back to some form of normality, enjoying [...]

Celebrating the 2020 Growth-Spective2021-09-06T20:21:28+10:00

Tips to Avoid Headaches


With the onslaught of returning to some form of normality, dealing with the end of the school year, and with Christmas looming, tension headaches can be a problem for some.  So, I thought I would share this very informative newsletter on tips to avoid headaches. I read it on a newsletter I subscribe to from Alive Physio & Wellness. I have the kind permission of Shilani, the Practice [...]

Tips to Avoid Headaches2021-09-06T19:52:14+10:00

The Demented Brain: Prevention Strategies


A couple of weekends ago I listened to a very informative brain health summit.  It was called Alzheimer’s The Science of Prevention (1).  It reinforced that, for the most part, brain diseases like dementia, Alzheimer’s, and pretty much a bunch of other chronic degenerative diseases, result due to inflammation, reduced nutrients, and a build up of toxins over time. This is a topic very close to my heart.  [...]

The Demented Brain: Prevention Strategies2021-09-06T20:05:48+10:00

Emotional Processing: Healing through Feeling


Recently a client asked what does emotional processing really mean and what does it look like.  Great question!! I talk about emotional processing all the time in therapy.  It is an abstract concept but is a very very important one to help us move through and release pent up, repressed emotions.  Essentially, emotional processing is about identifying, unpacking, and working through baggage associated with self-defeating feelings.  That is, [...]

Emotional Processing: Healing through Feeling2020-10-09T11:45:10+11:00

Understanding COVID-19


How has the last couple of weeks been for everyone?  Bit hectic here in the clinic implementing all the legislative changes relevant to meet the COVID-19 guidelines. I know you probably have received lots of info on how to manage yourself to reduce exposure to COVID-19. But someone I know sent me this transcript below from Johns Hopkins University.  I haven’s personally sourced it but most of it [...]

Understanding COVID-192020-10-09T11:44:09+11:00

Accept & Adapt to Beat COVID-19 Burnout


Over the last few weeks I’ve been listening to the challenges people have experienced while we’ve been in lockdown. Some of you are attempting to home school your kids whilst feeling committed to doing your usual jobs from home. Some are trying to fill the void of having no jobs. Some, like me, are lamenting not being able to have a real break from reality because of all [...]

Accept & Adapt to Beat COVID-19 Burnout2020-10-09T11:35:19+11:00
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