Dr Marie Anderson

Dr Marie Anderson

Clinical Director

Clinical and Health Psychologist
Strategic Coach

DHealthPsych MAPS
Fellow, APS College of Clinical Psychologists (FCCLP)
Fellow, APS College of Health Psychologists (FCHP)

The work I do with clients is to inspire them to grow their potential and live a meaningful, balanced life.

I educate and provide strategies to help them challenge their self-limiting beliefs, nurture their strengths, and learn to live by their principal values. Doing so, has helped clients live life powerfully, creatively, and intentionally.

I have a personal interest in the natural therapies and take a holistic view of emotional wellbeing.

As a Psychologist and Life-Wellbeing Coach, I have developed into a Strategic Therapist where I have integrated an eclectic style that uses evidence based techniques to help clients deactivate out-of-date psychological defences. Despite that these defences are unconscious ‘tools’ to help us deal with life challenges in childhood and adolescence, in adulthood they keep us stuck in self-defeating patterns that get in the way of feeling good and achieving our goals.

An aim with clients is to build their cognitive resilience and emotional fitness because a constructive, positive mindset leaves us feeling optimistic about moving ourselves forward.

In doing so, I help clients to bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be.

When we feel good enough, we are more likely to embrace challenges head on and work towards overcoming life obstacles, achieving our desires and passions, exploring motivational strategies, and creating action plans.

Generally, my style is responsive to the clients’ needs (see I Help With). I am compassionate, validating, and caring, whilst challenging the client out of their comfort zone when relevant if creating change is an agreed therapeutic goal.

In collaborating with my clients to achieve a balanced sense of self, we work towards attaining a healthy mind and a healthy body. Call me to discuss what’s possible so you can realise a purposeful, fully self-expressed life.