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Fast Break on Brain Health


FebFast is upon us. It started in 2007 to raise funds for troubled youth by encouraging us to have a break from health depleting food or drink. For example, sugar, alcohol, processed foods, coffee, etc. It could also include behaviours such as gambling, drugs, and overeating. I would like to add other behaviours like having a break from self-defeating thoughts, overworking, not exercising, taking life too seriously, perfectionism, [...]

Fast Break on Brain Health2020-10-09T11:01:30+11:00

Why we sleep and dream


With the cold weather creeping up on us, it’s getting harder to get out of bed. Sleep has been on my health agenda this year. Given the work I do as a psychologist, I am well aware that good quality sleep is paramount for a functioning brain. I remember a long time ago when I was a young mum, studying psychology, and working a few hours a week, [...]

Why we sleep and dream2020-02-28T13:08:35+11:00

Lifestyle Change


By Dr Marie Anderson, Clinical & Health Psychologist 2019 is well underway and how are you going with changing those health depleting habits? Whether you’re implementing dietary change, increasing your activity levels, or modifying your lifestyle, your actions are transforming your wellbeing from feeling: It is possible that you may need some emotional support to get you through the transformational journey. The road to wellness change can sometimes leave [...]

Lifestyle Change2020-02-28T13:08:14+11:00

How words can affect our brain


by Dr Marie Anderson We all know that positive thinking leaves us feeling great compared to negative thinking. In fact, science tells us that words are so powerful that they can influence how our genes express and control our physical and emotional stress [1]. Language impacts our behaviour through the meaning we apply to the words we use. My clients will often hear me saying: “What are you [...]

How words can affect our brain2020-02-28T13:07:45+11:00

Focus = Results


It’s that time of the year that we start setting our personal, business, and health goals. This is all good and dandy, except, along the way, we tend to falter- especially on our health goals. I’m as good as anyone in letting some health goals go by the wayside. Some of you might remember that my 2018 new year’s resolution was to savour as many mindful moments as [...]

Focus = Results2020-02-28T13:01:51+11:00

Fed up with Fatigue?


5 causes of fatigue and what you can do now... By Carolyn Revell, Naturopath One of the most common problems people come to see me for help with is fatigue. What I say to my clients is that although this may be a common problem, it certainly is not normal. Often people have just accepted that feeling below par is normal, and it’s just not! Please [...]

Fed up with Fatigue?2020-02-28T13:00:48+11:00
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