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How much will sessions cost?2019-07-05T17:46:47+10:00

Fees will vary from practitioner to practitioner. It is always best to discuss this at the time you book the appointment.

Payments may be made by Credit Card, EFTPOS, or Cash.

Payments are usually made at the end of each appointment, unless you have discussed a different arrangement.

What rebates are available?2019-07-05T17:46:39+10:00

For appointments with one of our Psychologists, you may be eligible for a rebate with a GP approved referral under a Mental Health Care Plan.

Otherwise, you may choose to use private health cover if you have it. Please check with your practitioner if their modality is covered by private health.

Of course, you may choose to self-refer as a private client.

Please discuss this with your health practitioner as not all practitioners work with TAC or Work Safe.


Check with individual therapists if they offer concession rates and or bulk billing if you are experiencing financial hardship.

If I need to cancel, how do I do that?2019-07-05T17:46:55+10:00

Because the practitioner has held the appointment time for you, it is recommended that if you are unable to attend, to let the practitioner know as soon as possible so that it can be offered to another client.

At the very least, practitioners request 48 hours notice.

Of course, we understand that sometimes unexpected emergencies occur that may preclude you attending on the day of the appointment. If this occurs, please let the practitioner know at your earliest opportunity on the day.

Some practitioners have last minute cancelation fees so please discuss this with them at your first appointment so you are aware of what to expect.

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