Our purpose is to provide a nurturing environment that inspires balance.

We offer treatments that boost your energy, contribute to your wellness potential, and support you to feel healthy, happy, and harmonious.


72% of Aussies report stress affects their physical and mental health.


65% of Aussies find healthy activities help manage stress.


49% of Aussies say getting support helps manage stress.

What our clients say

I sought help for my depression and anxiety from one of the psychologists at Balanced Wellbeing Centre in Eltham. I learnt some great strategies that has helped me manage my mood issues, improve my confidence and assert myself better. To help my depression I also had massage therapy sessions at the centre. These sessions were very therapeutic and complemented my psychological treatment. The massage also helped to reduce my tension and feel more relaxed. Both ladies had a sense of humour and were very empathetic and supportive.


My anxiety has been consistently under control with no incidents of note. I think I just need to maintain healthy habits. Thanks.


I have been a client of the Balanced Wellbeing Centre practitioners on and off for many years for both physical and mental health concerns. It is a very supportive environment. I have achieved many great personal successes through their guidance and expertise. Everyone is welcoming, respectful, caring and professional. I don’t feel pressured or overwhelmed. The practitioners really care about bringing their clients to optimal health. I recommend Balanced Wellbeing Centre to all my friends and family.


I greatly appreciate your professional and dedicated support in assisting me to find my inner self. Life is full and purposeful. I have found myself.


Carolyn has changed my way of living so much! She has guided me through the burn out to bounce program by helping me with my nutritional issues and fatigue and also helped me by doing some life coaching! After just finishing my last session of the 12 week program I feel like a completely different person, I feel fresh and motivated to live a healthier lifestyle. I can’t thank her enough for everything she’s done for me! I look forward to maintaining this new lifestyle!! Thank you Carolyn.


I have had some crazy times over the last time I saw you. But everything you have given me I have put in the place. I am doing really well.


Thank you for all your advice, knowledge and support. We both learnt great things from you that we will continue to practice in our lives


I thank my lucky stars for Carolyn. She has an infectious passion for health and life balance and her extensive knowledge of mind and body wellness shines through during consultations. They are both enjoyable and uplifting and I looked forward to each appointment. Carolyn was able to diagnose and treat my issues where many other practitioners had no idea what to do with me. She has a welcoming and appeasing personality and her approach to a patient’s wellbeing is holistic, compassionate, and supportive. I totally recommend a visit to Carolyn. She is terrific both in a professional sense and also on a personal level. Lovely person.


I’m so excited about the next phase in my life and what I can offer to others.  Even though I only spoke to you couple of times, our chats have definitely resolved my emotional baggage I was carrying for years. I’m very grateful to you for your help. Thank you.


I recognised after talking with you a few times how valuable it was to make time for myself just to get out what’s in my head. Thankyou for your sincere listening, it was valuable in helping me process important and difficult things.


With Nadia I always feel a sense of “safe therapeutic space” … at the Balance Wellbeing Centre … The most significant impressions for me have been … A sense of acceptance.  Nadias approach has added to my meditation experience … I don’t have to be dressed a certain way, positioned ’properly’, with the right music etc; together we stop and pause and have a moment of meditation … It fills me with a feeling of contentment rather than happiness which is oh so satisfying.


“A true teacher, a gift that keeps on giving”. I joined Nadia’s class in the hope of getting an hour a week to step away from the stresses of life and return a sense of self. What I got was raised awareness, unconditional kindness and an empowering knowledge that I use as part of my day to day life to check in and remain true.


The Crystal Bed Therapy provided by Nadia Addabbo is by far one of my favourites when it comes to relaxation and recharging my batteries after a long day at work … The benefits are amazing and I would highly recommend this therapy to people who are looking to reduce stress and fatigue levels, to improve the quality of their sleep and more importantly align their chakras for vital energy force to keep flowing freely through the body


I am writing to thank you for your help and support throughout our sessions. I have been feeling a lot clearer and have made a lot of progress in our time together and you have definitely helped me to deal with things a lot better now … I greatly appreciate your willingness to help me and your constructive approach to therapy.


Connie has been assisting me with my left shoulder … and has been fantastic in trying to get my gut back on track, providing me with supplements to use and also informing me of foods to stay away from … My gut is continuing to improve, with also less pain in my shoulder. Connie also provided me with some exercises to help with stability and mobility … I couldn’t be happier with Connie’s methods of healing, as this has opened me up to more natural ways


Connie is fabulous to work with. I felt very comfortable being with Connie on what was often an emotional roller coaster as we worked through issues that were blocking me in life.  After each session with Connie, I walked away feeling lighter, brighter and ready to move forward in whatever direction I chose to


Connie has a very good ability to understand and know what her clients needs are as well as a strong knowledge within her field. Her genuine care and focus on your overall well-being compliments her work nicely and I would definitely recommend her


Connie has been a fantastic asset to my well-being. She understands exercise and nutritional principles and is able to apply them to my needs to enable me to get the best out of myself


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