Well, what a year it’s been!! I for one feel exhausted thinking about the COVID-19 roller coaster we have been on. The year started with the horrendous bushfires and, as they subsided, we were following the rest of the world into lockdown. In Victoria, we remained in lockdown except for a very small window of freedom around July. Gratefully we are back to some form of normality, enjoying being back with our families and friends.

Unfortunately, people have lost lives, lost businesses, and or been financially ruined. Others missed seeing their aged parents for a time, some have been chronically affected health-wise, and we continue to remain on alert such as what is happening in NSW presently. Politically, we have felt supported in ways and, yet, disappointed and controlled in other ways. With regards to the widespread conspiracies, well, maybe there is truth in some of them and exaggeration in others.

Despite the tragedies and despite the challenges, we humans continue to survive. Not only are we surviving, but we have advanced in ways that we might not have had if COVID-19 had not occurred. With every catastrophe or misfortune, there has always been a counter effective outcome; history is full of examples where we have risen above adversity.

So, here is a list of the ways we may have grown. In writing this list, I do not want to take away from the difficulties we have all faced, some more than others. In coming to the end of 2020, we want to remember the disastrous effects so we can learn how to do things better in future.  But let’s also look at it from the perspective of how we have grown – hence the title Growth-Spective. Doing so encourages us to keep moving forward and, instead of surviving, we flourish, thrive, and prosper.


  • We have had the opportunity to work from home.
  • Enjoyed more time with our children and partners (yes I know it was hell sometimes :( but, remember, we are looking at the Growth-Spective side of it :)
  • Many employers have as a result been offering more flexible and family friendly hours, including letting people work more days from home.
  • We have learnt to appreciate teachers and frontline workers much much more!!  Some have likely reflected their appreciation in their Christmas gifts.
  • The environment benefited – we have seen how running our industries and the driving of our cars have polluted the earth detrimentally and hopefully we can continue to grow from this knowledge.
  • As a result of lockdowns, the wildlife has flourished in someways.
  • Due to lockdown and isolation, many have increased their savings and hopefully are now feeling confident to contribute back to the economy and to charitable organisations.
  • Internet shopping has flourished, increasing business opportunity for many.
  • We learnt that the simple things in life are really the best.
  • Many of us completed domestic tasks that were well overdue.
  • Some renovated their homes putting some well deserved funds back into the community.
  • Many businesses diversified and have admitted doing as well or better.
  • Some did online learning activities so may have learnt something new.
  • Utilised and appreciated our public and outdoor spaces more.
  • Despite some of us overindulging, many have developed health plans.
  • We gained a new appreciation for the technology age as we became creative on how to celebrate special events and keep in contact with loved ones.
  • I spent many hours automating most of the client paperwork making things easier and getting closer to a paperless office.

If any of these factors are getting in the way of a healthier you, call me to discuss what’s possible. I’ve been in private practice since 2004. My expertise lies in helping people challenge their self-limiting beliefs, achieve their goals, and realise a purposeful life. I’m trained in helping people explore motivational strategies to help them change health preventing habits.

If you want to find a balance between a healthy mind and a healthy body, then let me support you to:

  • Reduce your Stress
  • Reach your Goals
  • Reignite your Vitality