Well, I must say, Easter is upon us.  Hasn’t this year just flown, flown, flown.  For me it has.  This year started with a bang and seems to be running away from 2020 as fast as it can.  Whereas, last year couldn’t end quick enough and yet it dragged on and on and on; for us Victorian’s at least.

I know of course that time is relative to our experience.  It does not go fast or slow.  In fact, it’s our perception of time that gives us the feeling we are moving through time.  This seems to rely on how busy we are in our lives.  How cool would it be if we could take time back.  Very cool.

I’d been contemplating how to spend this long weekend and take some time back when I came across an article in The Age Sunday Life magazine, written by journalist Evelyn Lewin.  In the article Evelyn writes about the idea of pottering.  She explains that pottering is a meaningful way to take time back by slowing down our pace and working through everything in a super calm manner.  She refers to Anna McGovern (2020), who wrote a book on the subject, after she took one day off a week to potter and recover from burnt out.

Anna apparently browsed through magazines, listened to the radio, and took her time doing domestic jobs.  She told the journalist that after a period of time she felt “recharged” and “nourished”.

I cannot remember when I last did that.  When was the last time you pottered?  Most of us live a life like we are running away from it just like 2021 is running away from 2020.  We rush through tasks, getting them up to date, aiming for the day when everything is done so we can potter at home and meander in the garden.

I say, why wait til everything is up to date.  Believe me, it never gets up to date.  If you are working, have a family, are in a relationship, care for aged parents, baby sit grandkids, have goals of any sort, and are living on planet Earth, then saddle up for a long, fulfilling, purposeful life.  We want to be busy and active; it provides meaning. We also need to rest and recuperate.  Getting the balance is the key.

So, I challenge us all to find some time this long weekend and engage in pottering and meandering.  We might not get a day a week like Anna gifted herself, but even a few hours or minutes can do a lot towards leaving us feeling joyous.
I have added the characteristics that define pottering and meandering on our FaceBook page.