Here we go again!! I hear you saying  My last Accept & Adapt newsletter was about beating burnout.  This time, this newsletter is about adjusting to beat the damn virus.

It surely is an interesting world we find ourselves in.  Last time I shared about the little moment I had after the Government announced phase 2 restrictions late March.  I felt fear and I felt very uneasy about the changes we were embarking on.  We had to accept our circumstances and adapt because, for most of us at the time, the changes were major.  However, here we are in phase 3 again and all I keep feeling is courageous determination to see the next 6 weeks – or more – through so we can get back to living instead of just surviving.  This time we need to accept where we are at and maybe make some minor adjustments because we generally know what we need to do.

That is not to say that these changes will be easy for us.  We may still feel stressed because any significant change can be perceived uncomfortable and intimidating.  You might recall what I wrote last time about why we burnout:

The reason we burn out is because we imagine ourselves in a demanding, threatening situation.  In doing so, we set off our natural fight or flight survival instinct.  The brain and body trigger a release of survival hormones and neurotransmitters to help us fight or run away from the threat.  Granted, the COVID-19 situation is exactly that – demanding and threatening.  However, our natural instinct to run or fight is futile in this instance because we can’t run or fight.  Therefore, we are left with the adrenaline and cortisol in our bodies, building up and running us ragged in the meantime.

So, I suggested last time that the key to reducing stress and burnout is to just go with the change without fighting or protesting about it, despite we don’t like it.  We don’t know how long we need to keep adjusting so let’s remind ourselves about how to self-care in the meantime:

  • Connect regularly with friends and loved ones online or phone
  • Listen to what your body is saying and practice self compassion
  • Schedule relaxation times
  • Practice Sleep Hygiene strategies
  • Take regular breaks
  • Say NO
  • Ask for help
  • Assert yourself
  • Have a backyard camping vacation
  • Reward yourself with a good book, time out, a hot epsom salt bath
  • Have a romantic dinner with partner after kids gone to bed
  • A girls’ or guys’ night in – online of course
  • Eat nutritionally and take vitamins if deficient
  • Exercise Exercise Exercise – plenty of stuff on youtube and we are allowed to get outdoors
  • Separate work and home life if you can eg physically with a separate work space or emotionally by adding something dressy for work and something casual when work ends
  • Ultimately ACCEPT and AJUST

For those who missed my email regarding my rates, I am taking each client on a case by case basis.  Please discuss your situation with me and we can see what category you fall into.

Due to the COVID-19, between March and September 2020, my rates are as follows for both in-Clinic and Telehealth sessions.  As is currently the case, if you come into the clinic, please follow the requested hygiene protocols.

  • Bulk billed sessions are available for those individuals who have lost a job, are receiving minimal or nil government support, have a health care card, and or cannot afford any out of pocket therapy.
  • Concession rates apply to those who are receiving a government payment, are still working but have been financially affected (e.g. reduced hours), and or are finding it difficult to make ends meet. Rates will vary pending on clients’ out of pocket affordability.
  • For those who have the ability to afford the full rate, because they have been generally unaffected financially, the usual out of pocket fee will apply for both Telehealth and in-Clinic sessions.
  • Online couple counselling sessions are available. Some Private Health Insurers are providing rebates for Telehealth sessions.

Notice what our other practitioners are up to during lockdown.  If you want to know more about them here’s our website (apologies if some webpages are in edit phase)

  • Psychologist, Dr Margaret Turner is predominately offering Telehealth sessions
  • Child & Adolescent Counsellors, Alana Stewart and Lee Fereday are doing Telehealth and in-Clinic
  • Massage Therapist, Beverley Volkmer is taking in-Clinic appointments
  • Naturopath & Kinesiologist, Connie Vakanis is doing Telehealth and in-Clinic
  • Our Meditation guru, Nadia Addabbo, will be running one hour on-line classes 7pm Wednesdays, $20 pp or $30 per couple/ family group.  Direct debit payments prior to class.  Email her for the link to join  Click the Facebook link below for a free sample