Those of you who have been on my FaceBook page will have noticed that I posted an interesting TED talk by Dr William Li, a physician scientist.

He has an interesting spin to preventing and treating disease; eating rather than eliminating.  In the YouTube clip, he talks about the science behind which foods, when included in a diet, have the power to activate healing in the body.  With regards to cancer, he refers to these foods as having an antiangiogenesis effect; that is, shrinking the blood vessels that feed cancer cells.

I believe that in his book, Eat to Beat Disease, he discusses in more detail which foods to include in our diets to prevent and heal various diseases.  This is not a new idea of course, there are numerous videos and books on nutrition and health.  But, I like his approach that involves eating our way to great health, as opposed to focusing on what not to eat.

On the post I mention that he offers a free food list on his website. Because I know that some of you would prefer not to sign up to another mailing list, I am sharing his list here.  You’ll notice that the list offers a range of yummy, easily accessible foods that most of us probably already eat. I haven’t read his book yet but when I do, I’m pretty sure he will go into the science behind the benefits in more detail.  In line with the advice of many other holistic professionals and scientists, let’s do our best to eat as clean and as ethically responsible as is affordable and available to us.

As a Health Psychologist, I keep myself up to date with health promoting strategies that benefit both brain and body.  So, if you are struggling to change your health habits and this is affecting your mood and self-esteem, call me on 0411 319 990 to discuss what’s possible.