For those of you who follow the BWC Facebook page you already know that the Eltham Wanderers Cricket club raised over $4,000 for Movember. The update is now $5,500!! This is a fantastic community effort. My son raised over $125, BWC’s contribution from the piggy bank was $40, and there was about $25 raised from product sales. FYI, those of you who come to the clinic have the opportunity to purchase from a small selection of products, the proceeds of which I donate to a local cause. Thank you to all those individuals who contributed through BWC or directly to the club. What a wonderful way for my son to learn the joy of contribution.

Contributing to others has been a human pursuit since forever.  In fact, it’s a human need that contributes to giving our lives meaning, purpose, and fulfillment.  There is a ton of research showing that volunteering and giving to others helps us flourish.  That is, it improves our physical wellbeing, helps us live longer, improves how our brain functions, and reduces depression and anxiety (1).  Basically, the science tells us that contributing to others increases neurotransmitters in the brain such as oxytocin that leaves the giver, and recipient for that matter, feeling fabulous.  Further more, it can increase our sense of belonging and it’s contagious; the more we help, the more oxytocin is released, and the more generous we, and others around us, are likely to become (2).  Apart from all that, it puts a smile on our face and the face of the person we are contributing to.  What better joy is there than to give back to the community and humanity by donating money, time, professionalism, skills, a home, and or gifts.

Which brings us to this month. Being Christmas time, I usually give gifts to the Kmart Wishing Tree hoping to provide a little extra cheer to the receiving families. If anyone would like to leave gifts at the clinic for me to take to Greensborough Kmart on Friday 21st, my last work day before Christmas, please leave at reception. Use the available Christmas stickers to write whether the gift is for a male, female, and age group. The rule of thumb is give gifts suitable for individuals who are the same age as your children or the adults in the family.

Looking forward to savouring the delight of gift giving to those who need it most this time of year.

If you’re feeling down, unfulfilled, or experiencing little meaning in your life, call Dr Marie Anderson to help increase your joy factor – 0411 319 990.
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