Whether you’re implementing dietary change, increasing your activity levels, or modifying your lifestyle, your actions are transforming your wellbeing from feeling:

Now that you’ve taken that step, it is possible that you may need some emotional support to get you through the transformational journey.

The road to wellness change can sometimes leave you feeling powerless.  Your body and your mind are so used to operating in a particular way, that any number of factors can sabotage the change.  Some of those factors include:


This is one of the most challenging factors that get’s in the way of change.  That internal push’n’pull, “do I, don’t I” question starts to bully us.  Resistance can have a physical, mental, or spiritual hold on us.  To overcome resistance, we need to identify what’s behind the struggle.


Sometimes we simply feel stuck.  Maybe this bogged down feeling is just part of the change process for you.  Maybe it’s procrastination.  Or maybe there’s something deeper.

Negative Thinking

“It’s too hard”, “I can’t do it”, “Changing shouldn’t be this difficult”, “I’m a failure”.  Are any of these thoughts familiar?  If this is what’s getting in the way for you, let’s talk because negativity can be changed to positivity.

Emotional Blockage:

Maybe something emotional from the past is affecting you moving into the future.  At times, the road we are on keeps sling-shooting us away from the transformational path of change.  A few strategies are needed to unblock the obstacles to wellness.


For some people change is a grievous process.  You might find yourself crying, seemingly for no reason, yelling at your loved ones, or even missing work because you feel so empty and lost.  This is a normal part of change.  Don’t let grief stop you from completing your journey; ask for support.


How do we get from “I won’t do it” to “I did do it”?  Motivation.  “But how do I get motivated?” you ask.  Simple, we need to look at what’s important about changing and how confident you are about the change you are embarking on.  Then we can put a strategic plan in place to increase your motivation to start, sustain, and stay changed.

If any of these factors are getting in the way of a healthier you, call me to discuss what’s possible.  I’ve been in private practice since 2004.  My expertise lies in helping people challenge their self-limiting beliefs, achieve their goals, and realise a purposeful life.  I’m trained in helping people explore motivational strategies to help them change health preventing habits.  If you want to find a balance between a healthy mind and a healthy body, then let me support you to:

  • Reduce your Stress
  • Reach your Goals
  • Reignite your Vitality