Nadia Addabbo

Holistic Counsellor

Member of Meditation Australia

My approach to understanding our mental, physical, and emotional health is holistic.

Therapeutically, I consider every aspect of who we are to promote healing. I know that working holistically gives insight into how our thoughts affect the body and how they affect the way we feel.

My goal is to work together with my clients to bring resolution to these parts of ourself to create inner harmony, vitality, and success in life.

Pre-counselling, the crystal light healing is a good place to start because an aim is to process and deeply cleanse the body’s energy systems.

I am an advocate for meditation, mindfulness, contemplation, and guided imagery as a way of improving our wellbeing, developing our sense of self, expanding our consciousness, and creating a relaxed, peaceful frame of mind.

I am trained in Emotional Freedom Technique, Dissolution & Freedom Technique, Creative Visualisation, Family Constellation, and the work of Byron Katie, who wrote a series of healing books.

My areas of expertise include:

Compassion building

Crystal light healing

Guided imagery

Inner harmony


Mindfulness & contemplation

Positive mindset

Self-love & acceptance

With Nadia I always feel a sense of “safe therapeutic space” in the real sense not marketing jargon. We have meditated or had a therapeutic session at the Balance Wellbeing Centre, in the back room of a florist (one of my faves) and online. The most significant impressions for me have been … A sense of acceptance. Which has encouraged me to significantly accept myself… I smile. Softly after my sessions.

Nadias approach has added to my meditation experience as being easily accessible in the small moments of a day. I don’t have to be dressed a certain way, positioned ’properly’, with the right music etc; together we stop and pause and have a moment of meditation.

On my own I often find myself pausing to have … “a gentle curiosity” of my self, my body and where I’m placed. It fills me with a feeling of contentment rather than happiness which is oh so satisfying.


“A true teacher, a gift that keeps on giving”. I joined Nadia’s class in the hope of getting a hour a week to step away from the stresses of life and return a sense of self. What I got was raised awareness, unconditional kindness and an empowering knowledge that I use as part of my day to day life to check in and remain true.


The Crystal Bed Therapy provided by Nadia Addabbo is by far one of my favourites when it comes to relaxation and recharging my batteries after a long day at work. I have been so  lucky to have this service near me in Eltham VIC where from time to time I go and treat myself.

The benefits are amazing and I would highly recommend this therapy to people who are looking to reduce stress and fatigue levels, to improve the quality of their sleep and more importantly align their chakras for vital energy force to keep flowing freely through the body.

The feelings of inner peace and gratitude after the treatment are incredible and remain present in the following days. Nadia is the perfect human to guide anyone through this special journey.

With respect